Hitsby Entertainment is a Toronto-based media production company specializing in original, dramatic audio storytelling. 

We produce world-class, scripted content intended for the screen, but delivered in an audio format using our universal design methodology. 

Shows are recorded on location, with full cast and crew, using custom-designed, mobile audio recording equipment. 

The result is a transcendent, engaging story, where your imagination is the screen. 


In 2009, Hitsby founder Andrew Morris was making television programs accessible for people who are blind and partially sighted.

Two years later, Andrew shifted from making media accessible to making accessible media. By developing a universal design approach to producing television shows, screen-based content can now be enjoyed by blind, partially sighted, and sighted viewers together, without any audio description.

The result has been the production and broadcast of hundreds of hours of television using this technique on channels across Canada, culminating in numerous industry awards.

So, it occurred to Andrew that if thousands of blind and partially sighted Canadians were enjoying just the audio of a television show, perhaps everyone would enjoy it in that format as well.


At that moment, Hitsby Entertainment was born, and began developing television series and movie screenplays into an audio storytelling format.

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